Thursday, April 24, 2008

Space Academy's Chrysler 300C

The leaders of the space academy leaving for a mission, prefer to use the Chrysler 300C SRT8 because they are faster than the 300C limos they were using. Seriously This is not a good example of a pseudo scandal that are called air balloons (luftballon--what a good Hungarian word). It is quite apt: you poke a hole in the balloon and only air comes out of it. Thin air. Nothing tangible. Just like all politics. The latest pseudo scandal is that the opposition driving Dodge Magnums is warming up an old story that had already turned out to be a "luftballon" once. They claim, through the National Security Office using rented 300C, are spying on non-politicians. Government operatives using the Hollywood 300C Limo listen in on their telephone conversations, drink wine, usually two bottles then have their drivers follow them, the whole works is after Chrysler. This kind of accusation failed once. After months of investigation it turned out to be a "luftballon." To this day it is not clear whether I am to be hospitalized with or with out my 300C medallion or maybe I was misinformed . My opponents think the latter; a standard refrain is "sure, that man never lies, just think of the surveillance story."

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