Saturday, April 26, 2008

300C in 21st Century

During the first part, of the 1st decade, of the 21st century, a strange condition overcame the adults & children of the North American United States. A Strange unique shaped automobile wrapped around inside their heads and a strange language developed, with such phrases as ...Blast off in your 300C dude !.. You're full of Chrysler juice!!... Cool your hemi !!... out for that 300C SRT8 stretched Limousine !!!!!" Was this a strange illness that gripped the children & adults or a prelude to an invasion of 300Cs across the land ? In a way it was both and neither. A new necessity had entered millions of American homes-- STYLE. This new sensation ushered in hero's from space who were the protectors of the universe, knights in shining Dura-steel with smoking atomic blasters, and would be replacing the old standby of the early automobile... the non-hemi. More and More............

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