Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nite in the 300C SRT8

Driving alone in my 300C SRT8, in a lonely windswept land, the red sky looking like it's on fire, you can see it seems, forever. Off in the distance lies a house so haunted no one wishes to enter—except disbelievers. I hate places like that so I punched the 300C roaring into the nite. Now If I were you, I would push the back button and forget I told you this. But the telling must come because such things have to be told.
In the north part of the country is a land, It is not rocky but harsh in its treeless prairie, no trees will grow there and few people live there. It is far away from life as we know it. There is very little transportation,I saw a few Chrysler 300 cars in the few driveways there were, a few radio stations and certainly no newspaper stands . A place where driving the 300C SRT8 is a necessity just to get through it.
There are few towns nearby, but they are small and undeveloped. After all, there is nothing to develop them into..... More of the 300C story


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