Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alternative Fuel for Chrysler 300C

With all the interest in alternate fuels. I wondered if the Chrysler 300C could use some of them. I have heard about using methane gas as a fuel and remembering that the first methane digester was built in 1859, at a leper colony in India no 300C back then so who cares. Use of the these machines is a small, but established practice in Europe apparently. Farmers have been long known for their creativity and have developed or in this case some are using methane digesters. The machine mines methane, or natural gas, from rotting manure which grows in cows, and feed the gas directly into 300C gas tanks. I wondered if a miniature version could be used directly on the 300C. If a Chrysler limo was used there would be more room for the cow to poop. Other animals could be used for this as well. I wonder if they could be considered free range as they would be driven around a lot in style making them the pride of the farmyard.

Apparently in Wisconsin, using a 300C SRT8 using a home version have partnered with Old Yankee-based Environmental Power Corp. To use the gas from Ole & Swen's 875 cows to produce about 775 kilowatts of electricity, enough for about 600 homes, according to EpicPowerControl. Left over energy is used to fuel a whole flock of 300C SRT8.

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