Friday, May 02, 2008

10,000 300C SRT8 in Moscow ?

UEFA Champions League final in Moscow on 21 May
The biggest sporting event in Russia since the 1980 Olympics. The problem; to how to get 50,000 football fans in and out of the city quickly, safely and reasonably cheaply. Moscow City Councilman Mr Sorokin expects more than 90% of the English fans coming to Moscow to do so as a day trip. In fact they insist on it.

So how does the Chrysler 300C fit in you ask? Well I think the solution to their problem would be to acquire, in a way only Russians can, 10,000 300C SRT8, The reason for the high end 300C is that the British fans will love the 300C it will be faster moving them from airplane to stadium bar and back. The longer they stay in Moscow the more vodka they would drink and that would piss off the Russians and start unfriendly comments to each other. Not good.
They would fly in from the UK in the morning, be met by a fleet of more than 10,000 300C SRT8 at their designated airports, and taken directly to the Luzhniki sports complex . Once there, they will find restaurants, bars, and entertainment of all sorts. "It will be a festival of sports".

Once the festival of sports is over, the fans will be loaded into their 300C SRT8 and be taken straight back to the airports. Problem Solved.

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