Monday, May 05, 2008

Journey in Chrysler 300C

Account of the Journey in a Chrysler 300C from Detroit County Illinois to Dub County California, via the California Trail, in Prose,

By HamChes Millerlite.

Part I
When in my native land I dwelt,
With friends for whom my Interest in the 300C felt;
I burst through ties that bind the strong,
And turned my 300C towards California.

'Twas thus I left my native garage-
Through a wild eastern urban land to drive;
And as my hemi moved quicky on,
My thoughts flew swift to California

And when we crossed the last state line,
Of well outfitted men we numbered nine;
Numbers of hemis increased the way along-
With young and old 9 Chryslers strong.

Whose snow white 300C all in a row,
With rims and paint jobs made quite a show-
Much like swans, a flock of geese with a stretched Hollywood 300C limo in the lead:

Pleasant roads make joyful crew,
Who fancied pleasures always through;
We ate, and drank, and polished our 300C and 300C SRT8,
Slept sound all night, and moved all day-

The Buffalo in the plains states looked with surprise-
Whose frightened herds outstripped our eyes-
The Antelope stamped as we gazed;
At such strange site all stood amazed.

Our pimped out Dub wheels moved majestically round-
Where sedge and sands so much abound.
The beetle and old Volkswagen reigns-
Sole inhabitants of the sandy plains.
to be continued...........

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