Wednesday, May 14, 2008

300C and The Killer Salamanders

Hambleden, England, has a tunnel under a road for its toads' mating season, Amherst, New York has a tunnel under a road for its Salamanders mating season. Are salamanders very special animals or do they just cause accidents. The Chrysler solution is a 300C with big powertrain in a all wheel drive system that will be featured on large LX-platform vehicles, including 300, Charger and Challenger. All LX cars, with the exception of the Challenger, can be had with all wheel drive; it's a conventional AWD system with a fixed power distribution which results in a disproportionate thirst. This can be a serious issue driving across the plain states as quickly as you can and then hit a patch of sex crazy salamanders crossing the road and making it slippery because they must remain moist at all times to breath through their naked skin.
Chrysler's new solution to the salamander problem is one that sees the front axle being disconnected for the majority of the driving time, providing fuel economy and performance equal to standard RWD cars. When salamanders are detected, as when the 300C starts loosing traction on a salamander filled road. A electric motor that works in conjunction with the transfer case brings power and traction to the front wheels. Up to 38-percent of twist can be sent up front with virtually no penalty to be paid at the pumps.
In spring is when they surface to march from one side of the road to the other on stubby little legs to vernal pools to reproduce and If weather conditions are just right, and most years they are, thousands can surface at once and head for the pool, potentially causing accidents. sometimes following one another nose-to-tail like elephants in a circus.

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