Thursday, May 01, 2008

Methane Producing Cow Dies-not from a Converted 300C

My goodness I just read in the Madison Wisconsin "Capital Times" about a cow being run over twice the same night. I hope it wasn't a methane converted 300C, where a cow had fallen off after a really good poop. I had just written about the thought of using cow methane for fueling a Chrysler 300C . Anyway the cow was run over by two different allegedly drunk drivers, who I am sure were not driving Chrysler 300C. One person said she was just trying to help a guy who was staggering down the highway after he had hit a cow in the middle of the road. Then she hit the cow while distracted by his airbags. Then she tried to help by calling 911 and Instead of thanking her they arrested her on a drunken driving charge after hitting that same cow, which by the way did not survive. There sould be a special on hamburger this week in that area. There was no word if the cow had been drinking also, it was in Wisconsin after all.


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