Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mysterious 300C Photo Revealed on Mars

By now you all have seen this photo taken by the Phoenix on landing. It's true depection has been misinterpeted by mission control and here for the first time by using a special lens filter created by Pete el Tool. We can see, even with difficulty that in this sectionally enlarged photo that the light spot seen in the original photo is really a 300C buried partially face down in the Martian soil. I thought this was weird and could not be possible. A 300C stuck in the ground ?
Then I remembered on earth, In 1974 the experiment to communicate with Mars by planting 10 Cadillacs in the ground and oriented toward space and Mars. Could it be the Martians, some hundreds or thousands of years ago started planting the 300C in the ground to communicate with earth ? Did they implant deep in Ralph Giles brain the desire to create the perfection of design of the 300C ? The question is unanswered, another reason to support the exploration of Mars.

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