Thursday, May 15, 2008

300C and DOT

Official Blog of-Department of Transportation’s blog:Secretary Peters is called "Welcome To The Fastlane"
It's hard not to notice she rides a Harley, which is cool for fast lanes but not befitting of her office, she should have a Chrysler 300C for fastlanes. I mean my goodness even though she is going against the administrations neutrality on the gas tax holiday by welcoming the debate while sitting on her Harley. She will be able to be dressed more appropriately as a ride warrior if she had a 300C or better yet a 300C Hollywood limo much more appropriate for Washington D C social functions ------------------

She may feel "As the primary federal funding mechanism for our national highway system, the gas tax is increasingly outdated, inefficient, and unpopular."

I agree that taxing 300C is unpopular. Now, however, we have exciting new ways of taking statements completely out of context, financing mechanisms that are supplementing the gas tax while simultaneously reducing congestion. Funnel the money from elsewhere. Through the broad deployment of high-speed, open road tolling technologies coupled with hundreds of billions of dollars of private sector capital we will have the roads our 300C deserve.
It is time for our country to embrace a far more efficient, clean, and technology-based approach to charging for road use. In other words anyone who does not have a Chrysler 300C. This new approach will dramatically improve the quality and performance of our transportation systems. It will also give businesses and families the type of predictable and reliable and comfort service levels to which they have become accustomed when making phone calls, running the sink, going potty or turning on the lights. We will add to Washington’s ability to use our transportation network as its own personal—and political—sandbox. The increased use of 300C efficiency of our system would also manipulate our impact on the environment, and cut emissions caused by endless tie-ups and traffic jams. Ideas have such broad-based, impacts for our economy, our budget and our environment, and I am thrilled ideas are now part of our national discussion. You know there hasn't been any ideas for years and years on improving the roads and space for our wonderful 300C.

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