Friday, May 09, 2008

300C SRT8 Ghost Highway

Bad things can happen to good people. I was told this story by the owner of a 300C SRT8 who had just driven across the desert. He drove the SRT8 down old 95 down to 50 then across to Carson City heading west. Carson City is famous for ghost sightings, and when his car's engine just died . He had heard of ghost stories about this area so he was a little anxious and a little jumpy. he got out of the car to see where he could ask for help but there were no cars or houses in sight,being on the out skirts of the city. Suddenly an old lady appeared from behind a cactus near the highway. She walked towards him he immediately began to sweat and his heart began to race because the lady looked creepy and was almost gliding towards him, as if she was suspended in mid-air. the guy tried to start the engine of the 300C SRT8 it had always started,never being a problem before. The wrinkled old woman was almost completely bent over. Gasping for air, she wheezed out that she knew why his Chrysler 300C SRT8 just suddenly died. She said that there are malevolent forces and barely squeaked out the names of Toyeta, Dailmer, Ferd and Chely that didn't want him to pass that highway. The only way that he could proceed was by the protection of the book the old woman held in her trembling hands. The malevolent forces will not harm him or the 300C SRT8 in anyway if he had the book with him. Especially if left alone in the deserted highway overnight, she said that she would accept $100 for the book. He gave a $100 to the wrinkled old old disheveled woman. She gave him the book which was very old, dog-eared and with leaves falling off the spine. As she disappeared she croaked out over and over that he should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER turn the last page, or else... the guy now completely petrified, jumped in the Chrysler 300C SRT8 with the book and the car started with just one turn of the key. He rammed the gas petal and the powerful Hemi came to life and soon he was cruising the highway as fast as the Hemi could go. He checked into nearest motel as he pulled into Minden. Relaxing watching NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and the All-Star Circuit of Champions, he caught sight of the book the old woman sold him. As he thumbed through nearing the end of the book he suddenly remembered the stern warning by the old woman, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER turn the last page or else. The guy turned the last page with sweat all over his body, his hands shaking badly. then he saw on the very last page NADA and Edmunds prices may not be valid.

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