Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only Drive A 300c in British Columbia

Driving in British Columbia for any one other than someone driving a Chrysler 300C, just got more serious. Watching this video, you will learn that the cameras are able to read the license plate number , run it through a computer to find out if used in a robbery, was stolen, or missing current papers. It's hard if not impossible for the viewer to read the fine print at the end of the video, where I alone can interpret the carved hydrographics and read that the device will not work on Chrysler 300C or other variations of the 300. The reason of course is, the computers are blinded by the brilliance of Ralph Giles design of the 300C. Also it has something to do with the ultrasonic acoustic wave patterns set up by the powerful hemi engine, that do not allow the cameras a steady enough read on the plates if it can see it at all. Watching the video may cause more people to buy 300C or SRT8, as they mention this device will be used in all of North America. Soon they will identify all great and small irregularities.


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