Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sad 300C Theft Because of Goofy Laws

You turn the key and the Hemi rumbles to life, reminding you that you've got 340 horses under the hood and they're ready to play. The Chrysler 300C is a car that won't leave you hanging as you step on the pedal, its eight cylinders roar on command and get you up to speed and onto the freeway with authority. The five-speed automatic kicks down quickly when you put the power down and works seamlessly otherwise. Oh ya, a beautiful morning, short ride to the body shop for a little detailing on the "Queen".
Drop it off at the Southfield Chrysler Plymouth Body Shop in Detroit , Michigan on 8 Mile (remember the movie ?) and Telegraph roads.

A hour later come back to pick up the 300C "Queen" the clerk says , "oh dude your car is gone", someone stole it while it was waiting in line for repair, said Quin MacGlashan, the manager of the Southfield Chrysler Plymouth Body Shop. MacGlashan said fire laws require body shops to keep the keys with the car at all times. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and the shop left the Hemi-driven Chrysler 300C SRT8 doors open. MacGlashan said he would never have imagined what happened next. The 300C has disappeared- You are down, bummed, then you remember Michigan is a no-fault Insurance state- bad dream-bad dream- must be a bad dream- no a reality in Detroit a couple of days ago posted on clickondetroit.com

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